• Window Tinting

  • Automotive window tinting has many benefits. It can change the look of your car, protect the interior from UV rays, keep you cooler in the summer and even protect the glass if it were to crack. Our experience in window tinting is unparalleled. We can help you pick the perfect window tint for you. The Tint Man is the number one name in Lexington automotive tinting. In fact, we have over 100,000 hours of experience in automotive window tinting. You can’t beat experience!

    Let’s break down the benefits of tinting the windows of your car:

    •  Rejects up to 64% of the sun’s heat
    •  Blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which leads to fading of the interior fabric and early aging
    •  Reduces up to 80% of the glare from the sun as well as headlight glare
    •  Helps to hold the glass together if the glass breaks

    Those are just a few of the major benefits to auto window tinting. One we haven’t mentioned is privacy. It helps keeps the contents of your car shielded from the eye of a passerby. This is an invaluable benefit when you have valuables in your vehicle.

    We are painstakingly detailed when we apply our window tints. They are installed edge to edge with no gaps at or near the top. Our techs are highly skilled and experienced with window tint installation, so you will get great results the first time around when you hire The Tint Man.

    Call us today if you are searching for dependable Lexington automotive window tinting. We would love to help you take your car to the next level!