• Testimonials

  • Took my car to the tint man after a previous owner tried to DIY the tint and failed. He carefully removed the old tint without damaging any of my defroster lines and the new tint was applied evenly with no bubbles or imperfections. He even removed some trim pieces in my vehicle to make sure the tint went on exactly the way it needed to. My vehicle was one of the harder ones to tint so if Eddie made my tint job come out looking good, I'm confident he can tackle any job on any vehicle. The Tint Man and his wife were very nice and seemed very professional from my experience. Their prices are also very reasonable compared to some of the other upper tier tint shops in town. Would definitely return to tint another vehicle in the the future.

    Rating: Mike S

  • The Tint Man (Eddie Welch), has tinted every vehicle that i have owned for the last 20 yrs. He does such a great job that i had him tint all of the windows in a 4,000 sq ft home on a local golf course. As a matter of fact, that was the very 1st thing that I did when I bought the house. There is no need to look elsewhere. Go to The Tint Man (Eddie) and get it done right the first time. And if by some quirk an adjustment needs to be made, he will happily take care of it. Eddie is not some nameless employee in a tint shop, he owns the business and is there to take care of your needs every day!!

    Rating: David G

  • I highly recommended this place for anyone looking to have their car windows tinted. They are very professional, friendly, reasonably priced and do quality work. I recently had them work on my wife's car, and they did an excellent job. If we ever need tint again in Lexington, we will be going to Tint Man.

    Rating: Aaron B.

  • I was incredibly nervous about getting my windows tinted on my Elantra, but the owner was very friendly and quite knowledgeable about my options. The job was a flat fee of $150 and it was well worth it. The tint looks fantastic and comes with a lifetime warranty against the bubbling and discoloration you'd get with lesser-quality brands. The owner was also clear about how to maintain the tint film (warning against pets scratching, for example), and cautioned against using the windows within the first 48 hours to maximize adhesion. If you're looking around for a place to take your car to be tinted this is it--job done right the first time.

    Rating: Bo B

  • We have used them on several occasions and have always been satisfied with their services! We highly recommend the Tintman!! They are very knowledgable about the industry and provide high quality work at a fair price. They answer all questions and do exactly what needs to be done.

    Rating: Kinney E